Peter Deuschle
Creature Feature – Red River Gorge, KY
Rappelling with son on Cesarean Tower – Devil’s Lake, WI

With over twenty years experience, Peter Deuschle has climbed throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Kentucky.

He has worked as a climbing wall supervisor, instructor, route setter and guide.

Peter has competed in multiple climbing competitions, with several top finishes and a win in the master’s category of No Holds Barred.

In college, a friend of mine worked at Patagonia, near Indiana University. I tried the little rock wall at the store and figured that climbing outdoors would be the same basic idea, so I bought some climbing instruction books and top-roping equipment.

Eventually, I talked my girlfriend into a trip up to Devil’s Lake, Wisconsin. I didn’t really know what I was doing and she was afraid of heights, so it was an interesting weekend. We somehow manage to get in a few climbs and make it home in one piece. Fast-forward some years later, and we’re married, with four children and they all climb.

When you take someone climbing, you know they will never forget the experience and the confidence they have gained. You also don’t have to be incredibly strong to climb well. A lot of climbing is just finding the proper leverage and balance to get around a problem before you are pumped or lose your nerve. Some of the most enjoyable routes do not have difficult ratings. With some practice and good technique you can attempt amazing climbs all over the world.”
Heading to the bluffs with family