I Play Softball Like A Girl

I Know I Play Like A Girl Large Mug

I Know I Play Like a Girl… Try To Keep Up.

Gritty fonts and distressed softball. Girl power, in your face.


The Flash Lightning Bolt Square Canvas Pillow                         The Flash Lightning Bolt Queen Duvet

Flash Lightning Bolt Pattern

Superhero style with red background and yellow lightning bolts pattern.


Surfboards Square Coaster                   Surfboards Woven Throw Pillow


Surfboard artwork in various patterns and colors.


Multi-color Triclopsies Shower Curtain

Multi-color Triclopsies

Cute Triclopsies (three eye smiley blocks) in multicolor pattern. By WhoopsyDots.com


Curse You Captcha! Large Mug

Curse You Captcha!

This fun design announces to the world that you hate those annoying phrases of scrambled words that must be copied to sign in to internet accounts.


    Super Family 1 Boy 1 Girl Mug

Super Stick Figure Family Designs

Multiple versions available, with a variety of children (up to 3 boys/girls). This design can also be personalized with the names of the family members.


Personalized FBI Badge Large Mug

Personalized FBI Badge

Personalize the FBI wallet design by adding your own name and picture. How cool is that?


Sheldon's Favorite Number 73 Kids Dark T-Shirt

Sheldon’s Favorite Number 73

The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon believes 73 is the best number because 73 is the 21st prime number. Its mirror 37 is the 12th and its mirror 21 is the product of multiplying, hold on to your hats, 7 and 3. In binary, 73 is a palindrome, 1, 0, 0 1, 0, 0, 1 which backwards is 1, 0, 0 1, 0, 0, 1.


Big Bang Theory Quotes Square Canvas Pillow        Big Bang Theory Quotes Large Mug      Big Bang Theory Quotes Kids Dark T-Shirt

Big Bang Theory Quotes

12 years after high school and I’m still at the nerd table. I have a working knowledge of the important things. I don’t like rabbits. They always look like they’re about to say something, but they never do. Mars rover Mars rover Can Howard come over? They’re going to make a robot that spits on your hamburger? No, I’m not sassing you in Eskimo talk. Hello Oompa Loompas of science! I’m not crazy! My mother had me tested. I don’t like the way Darth Vader stares at me. Believe in magic, you muggles! No one calls me Moon Pie but Meemaw. Ladybugs must render you catatonic. Once a mind is pre-blown, it cannot be re-blown. I cry because others are stupid, and that makes me sad. That doesn’t prove I know Batman. You’re in my spot! Forks are for eating. Tridents are for ruling the seven seas. Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote. Ladies first Pretty ladies sooner. Winnie the Pooh is out of the honey tree! Gentlemen, to the sewing machines! There’s no place for truth on the internet. If you don’t mind I’d like to stop listening to you and start talking. He’s one lab accident away from being a super villain.

Multiple design versions available.


Personalized Cheer Design Square Canvas Pillow

Cheer Toe Touch

Personalize this Cheer design with your own custom message, featuring beautiful Cheerleader Silhouette against bold Cheer background. Popular pink color and design.


Personalized Soccer Flames iPad Case        Personalized Soccer Flames iPad Case

Soccer Flames

Soccer Ball with Flames. Cool distressed design for any soccer player. Available in black/white or hot pink. Designs can be personalized with a player’s name or custom message.


Keep Calm and... Women's Dark T-Shirt

Keep Calm and …

Personalize this popular design with your own message: Keep Calm and Call Mom or Keep Calm and Carry Cookies. Personalize it however you’d like.


Solution/Precipitate Joke

Solution copy.png Round Ornament


Solution/Precipitate Joke

If You’re Not Part of the Solution, Then You’re Part of the Precipitate. Chemistry joke with fun cartoon art.


I Recycle Joke Toddler T-Shirt


I Recycle

I Recycle. I Wore This Shirt Yesterday. Sure to get a laugh. Green artwork with recycle logo.



Optimist/Pessimist/Engineer Ornament (Round)



Optimist: The glass is half full. Pessimist: The glass is half empty. Engineer: The glass is twice the required size. The perfect funny gift for any engineer.


I Found This Humerus

I Found This Humerus Ornament (Round)

I Found This Humerus

Funny shirt for anyone who knows their medical terms. Pun referring to the arm bone is sure to get a laugh. Bold font and image of humerus.


Egg vs. Wild Aluminum License Plate

It’s always a battle against nature with Egg vs. Wild – the survival expert of Good Egg World. He’s prepared with compass, climbing rope, expedition jacket, pack and hunting knife.


Egg vs. Wild – Tree Top Tragedy
A dangerous attack is caught on tape as Egg vs. Wild fights to survive in the forests of Northern Austria. Brought to you by GoodEggWorld.com

Expressions of a Ninja Ornament (Round)

Expressions of a Ninja

Expressions of a ninja. Images of ninja face: angry, scared, happy, confused… you can’t tell. All you see is his eyes.


Defending Yourself Against a ZombiEgg Attack Instructional Video

Funny Instructional video explaining how to Defend Against a ZombiEgg Attack. A must-see for all good eggs! By GoodEggWorld.com


distressed SWAG

distressed SWAG Mug

distressed SWAG

Distressed SWAG design in gritty stacked font. Full of attitude and swagger.


ZombiEggs Aluminum License Plate


Look out for Zombie Eggs! They’ll eat your yolk.


The Egg Game

The Egg Game – Fun with physics. Bounce the egg into the basket.


Undercover Zombie – Do Not Eat

Undercover Zombie - Do Not Eat Performance Dry T-S           Undercover Zombie - Do Not Eat Performance Dry T-S

Undercover Zombie – Do Not Eat

Are you prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse? This shirt announces that you are an “Undercover Zombie” so the other zombies will not eat you.Icon has bite wound on head. Male and Female icon versions.


Scrambled Eggs Horror Movie

Horror Movie Large Mug

Scrambled Eggs Horror Movie

Funny design featuring frightened eggs watching Food TV as eggs are being scrambled.

Warning Shark Does Not Play Nicely With Others

Shark Does Not Play Nicely Small Poster

Warning Shark Does Not Play Nicely With Others

Bold warning sign with shark icon. A fun gift and cool design.

Good Egg World/Bad Puns

A couple caught in the middle of an intimate moment at the beach.
Brought to you by GoodEggWorld.com

Another fun episode of your favorite Good Egg World characters. Good Egg and Super Egg try to rescue the stranded Good Egg Girl in a twisted plot of surprises, including a cameo by Barbie and Ken. Brought to you by GoodEggWorld.com

Godzilla vs. Super Egg
It’s Super Egg’s most daunting mission yet as he battles the most menacing lizard on Earth, Godzilla. Brought to you by GoodEggWorld.com

The Egg with the Dragon Tattoo official trailer
Good Egg and the mysterious, computer hacking, Egg with the Dragon Tattoo, discover that even the wealthiest families have skeletons in their closets while working to solve the mystery of a missing egg. How close can they get to the shell before they become the yolk? A Good Egg World exclusive video. Brought to you by GoodEggWorld.com

Super Egg’s Holiday Snow Rescue
It’s Winter in Good Egg World and Super Egg is called to save the day. This time, the story takes an unexpected Holiday twist. Good Egg engineers the impossible, danger fills the air, and laughs are abundant.  A warm inspiring story for all ages. Brought to you by GoodEggWorld.com

If At First You Don’t Succeed – Soccer

If At First You Don't Succeed... Mug

If At First You Don’t Succeed – Soccer

If At First You Don’t Succeed, It’s Because Of Me. Distressed soccer design. Cool gift for an athlete.

Super Egg

Super Egg Aluminum License Plate

Super Egg

Complete in mask and cape. Popular cartoon character.


Math is Easy joke

Math is Easy Joke Mug

Math is Easy joke

Humorous design showing math problem that a student has misunderstood.

Little Sister For Sale

Little Sister For Sale Sign Mug

Little Sister For Sale

Handwritten message on red For Sale sign.

Feed, Sleep, Ride - Vampire Cyclist Large Mug

Feed, Sleep, Ride – Vampire Cyclist

Vampire Fangs, Coffin, and Bike Icons. “Feed,Sleep, Ride”.
All the basic necessities of your typical Vampire Cyclist. A fun gift for athletes.

Ballet figure with Verticle “Dance”

Verticle Dance Ballet Figure Mug

Ballet figure with Verticle “Dance”

Beautiful ballet figure silhouette. Pink wording.

Mud, Sweat & Beers

Mud, Sweat & Beers Sigg Water Bottle 0.6L

Mud, Sweat & Beers

Popular motto of all Mud Dash competitions. Gritty bold font with mud splatters. It’s not about winning, it’s about making memories… making mud pies… and let’s not forget the beer.

Warning Gymnast Could Flip At Any Moment

Warning Gymnast Flip Stainless Water Bottle 1.0L             Warning Gymnast Flip Sigg Water Bottle 1.0L

Warning Gymnast Could Flip At Any Moment

Keep A Safe Distance sign. Design available in pink or black and white. Apparel for girls and guys.

Triathlon Icons

iTriHarder Sigg Water Bottle 0.6L

Triathlon Icons

Swim, bike, run triathlon icons.

I Know I Run Like A Girl

I Know I Run Like a Girl Mug

I Know I Run Like A Girl.

I KNOW I RUN LIKE A GIRL. TRY TO KEEP UP. Girl Power at its best in this design featuring gritty fonts and a running shoe footprint. Black or Pink  designs.

I Know I Play Like A Girl


Play Volleyball Like a Girl Sigg Water Bottle 1.0L

I Know I Play Like A Girl

I KNOW I PLAY LIKE A GIRL. TRY TO KEEP UP! Girl Power at its best in this volleyblall design featuring gritty fonts and volleyball. Black or Pink versions.

Ironman Element

Ironman Element Sigg Water Bottle 1.0L

Ironman Element

Periodic Table Iron Element and Man Icon. A great triathlon gift.

Lietuva Lithuanian Olympic Style Design

Lietuva olympic green.png Dark T-Shirt           

Lietuva Lithuanian Olympic Style Design

Show above, Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chile Peppers wearing his version.

Olympic style and design. Block letters with Lithuanian flag and Vytis. Available in multiple color combinations.

If found on ground, please drag across finish line

If found on ground (male runner) Stainless Water B

If found on ground, please drag across finish line

If found on ground, please drag across finish line. Warning sign style with icon of figure on ground. Fun design for any runner. Male and female icon versions.

Measure twice. Cut once…

Measure twice, Cut once... Mug 

Measure Twice, Cut Once. @!!!*!

1. Measure twice, 2. Cut once, 3. @!!*#!, 4. Buy more, 5. Repeat steps 1-4. (Funny design for all the do-it-yourself types)

Science Eggsperiment Stainless Water Bottle 0.6L

Science Eggsperiment

The classic Egg-Drop experiment, constructing some type of system that will keep an egg from cracking when dropped. Funny cartoon design featuring frightened eggs falling.

Alcatraz Swim Club Captain Ornament (Round)

Alcatraz Swim Club Captain

I don’t need to outswim the sharks… I just need to outswim you.
Humorous design with swimmer being chased by shark.

Buford van Stomm’s Skull shirt design

Buford van Stomm's Skull Shirt Mug         Buford van Stomm's Skull Shirt

Buford van Stomm’s Skull shirt design

Popular character from the “Phineas and Ferb” cartoons. Buford always wears this cartoon skull t-shirt.
A unique gift for any fan of the show.

Evil Genius in training

Evil Genius In Training Large Mug

Evil Genius in training

Popular kids design.

Female Rock Climber

Female - Just Climb Sticker (Oval)

Female - Just Climb Trek Water Bottle


Female rock climber clinging to extreme overhang. Sticker version and distressed gear version. Male climber versions also available.

I Play Soccer Like A Girl

I Know I Play Like A Girl iPhone 3G Hard Case

I Know I Play Like A Girl iPhone 5 Case

I Know I Play Like A Girl… Try To Keep Up

Available in pink/black or black.


Run Bike Swim Icons Drinking Glass


Swim, Bike, Run, Triathlon Icons

If ballet was any easier

If ballet was any easier... Trek Water Bottle

If ballet was any easier... Stainless Water Bottle

If Ballet Was Any Easier

If ballet was any easier, it would be called football. Availalbe in black or pink.

Daily Chum


Whatever, I’m late anyway… watch

German Sports Shield

Germany Sports Shield Stainless Water Bottle 1.0L

German Sports Shield

Distressed German Shield. Black, red and gold stripes. Featuring German Eagle.

Good Egg’s Easter Surprise
Good Egg makes a bizzare discovery in his new adventure. It’s definitely an Easter Surprise. Brought to you by GoodEggWorld.com

That Bites

Eat Dirt

That Bites



Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

Daily Chum


Daily Chum


That Bites


That Bites

Whale Surf

That Bites

Shark Swim

Women’s Fitness

The “Play Like a Girl” tote is featured in Women’s Fitness Australia Magazine.

Click to View Article


Fitness CoverWomens Fitness AU article


That Bites

Angry WomanI went to your website to make a purchase and ran across your series of car stickers showing someone kicking a dog. I think this is disgusting that you would sell such a sticker. Promoting animal abuse? Next I suppose you’ll have a sticker showing someone beating a child. I will NEVER buy from you and will tell all my animal-loving friends not to either. (Link to one of the stickers: http://www.cafepress.com/carstickershop.743571898 )

Please stop selling these stickers.

-Katharine J S********


Daily Chum


 Tour de France – Stage 22


That Bites


Want vs. Need


That Bites


That Bites


That will encourage you to paddle faster.

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Yeee Haw!!!

Daily Chum


A true friend.

Daily Chum


Cat. Fish.

Daily Chum